What is Savory Global Network?

The Savory Global Network is a thriving community of people working to advance Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture. The network is comprised of Savory Hubs, Accredited Professionals, and Regenerating Members. Together, the global network advocates, trains, implements, and facilitates Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture practices in their own contexts to create enduring returns for the land and all who depend upon it.

Hub Signature Stories

Boot Ranch Family

Savory Institute, hub leadership bootcamp, Colorado, hub candidates, Boot Ranch LLC

Photo By Jamie Cross

Meet Shane Cross and Jamie Cross of the Boot Ranch, LLC from Douglas, Wyoming, leaders of the Savory hub candidate serving Wyoming, United States.

Less Stress, More Grass

By Sheila Cooke

Organic dairy farm, Dharma Lea, experienced economic, social and ecological benefits when making the switch from rotational grazing to holistic planned grazing. Join a free webinar featuring Savory Institute Accredited Professional, Phyllis Van Amburgh. She will present the case study of her farm, Dharma Lea in upstate New York.

Savory Journeys

By Trey Shelton

During our Journey, we enjoyed exploring the incredible local wildlife. From calm, clear early morning walking safaris with the Centre’s game scout to evening drives through the grass and savanna of the ranch, we saw many elephant, buffalo, sable, giraffe, kudu, and various birds during our Journey. We even saw swimming elephants and a leopard while in Chobe National Park in Botswana!

Global Events

Accredited Hubs

Savory Hubs are locally owned, led and managed initiatives across the globe, offering Holistic Management consulting and training services, on-going support, accreditation, state-of-the-art content and tools, and access to the land, networks and funding resources necessary to create a local impact.

Hub Candidates

Organizations or individuals chosen to participate in a vetting and application process in order to become a Savory Hub.

Special Projects

Special Projects are partnerships with aligned organizations, with the intention of building capacity and proof of concept in key strategic regions. Special Projects may evolve into Hubs once capacity is built and local leadership developed.


What is a Savory Global Network Hub? Hubs are Holistic Management training, learning and demonstration sites.  Together, they are a global network of entrepreneurial people who are driven to create abundance for the people and places of their region and in their context. It is through Savory Global hubs that Holistic Management education, training, events, special projects, consulting, research, and experiences are conducted in a region.

A great way to explore if you and your farm, ranch or organization are ready to become a hub is to complete the short, online hub interest form, accessible through the Apply Today link below.

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  • Accreditation

    Offering regional Savory Accredited workshops and programs in Holistic Management.

  • Consulting

    Custom training, education, and consulting services to land managers, organizations and governments who are influencing the management of large areas of grasslands or degraded dry lands.

  • Full Spectrum Monitoring

    Biological, social, and financial monitoring services to land managers, organizations and governments to ensure long-term sustainability of their projects and initiatives.

  • Auditing/Verification Services

    Auditing and verification services to land managers who are interested in accessing established market incentives or premium prices for their products.


What is a Savory Accredited Professional? Accredited professionals are trainers and implementers of Holistic Management. Equipped with accreditation in the complete and current Savory Holistic Management body of knowledge, they teach, train, and support Holistic Management practitioners. Training from Allan Savory himself and other Holistic Management pioneers and innovative thinkers, make Savory Institute Accredited Professionals truly outstanding in their field.

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  • Professional Training

    Training in Holistic Management for commercial practitioners, private land-managers, and communal land-based practitioners, as well as NGOs and governments working with pastoralists

  • Implementation Support

    On-the-ground support for land managers and Holistic Management practitioners.


Savory Regenerating Members are advocates for Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture. As members and supporters of the Savory Global Network, they propel a paradigm shift in public opinion and ignite the movement of regenerative agriculture.

The Regenerating Members program includes opportunities to be informed and equipped to advocate for a transformation of agriculture that results in climate-smart food production, restored ecosystems, and economic prosperity.

A Regenerating Member is a premier member of the Savory Global Network. Connect with others around the world who are working to create a shift toward regenerative agriculture. Get access to training, private events, partner discounts, and information to support you in your work to increase awareness of, and the practice of, Holistic Management.

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  • Meetings

    Quarterly meetings with Savory staff and other Regenerating Members, annual webinar with Allan Savory, and access to the Network Collaboration Forum

  • Training

    Online course: “Foundations of Holistic Management” and content training on Holistic Management and how to influence decision-makers on regenerative practice

  • Discounts

    Discounts to all Savory products, events, and speaking engagements, plus discounts on partner brands from around the Network

  • Advocacy Materials

    Materials to present at local meetings and access to online materials including slide decks, research, case studies

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